David enjoys being involved from the first client meeting, and following his projects hands-on through construction. Along the way he collaborates closely with architects, engineers, contractors and fabricators, as the case may be. He has often led teams of LAs and related professionals to keep the project on time and budget.

In private work, David's designs are inspired by an analysis and appreciation of the site and context, the lifestyle and needs of the client(s), and the site's relationship to the home or building architecture. He enjoys creating modern, clean, elegant landscapes that are an extension of the home and family in both spirit and function.

In public space, David's designs are also responding to a methodical study of place, including the history, culture and lifestyle of the surrounding communiy of users. His process for this analysis has often included the facilitation of community workshops, where he and his team engage the public in fun activities, folding them into the design process, and thereby gaining commnity support for the project.